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We are so glad to inform you about our new 5G webinar! Do you remember our article about 5G dangers, earlier this year?
Now it’s time to share this information in a free-of-charge webinar for everyone who is interested, all around the world! Martin Franzen will be our speaker. So sign up right away or keep reading for more information on this!

5G Dangers – Myth or Science?

5G is the new generation of mobile telecommunication and it is currently steamrolling across the world. But some claim it’s dangerous! Is it? That’s a good question, and really worth pondering, because if it is then the next decade could be awful for humanity.

In this webinar we at Apis combine all our science research skills with our already established knowledge of how mobile telecommunication systems work and do our best to answer this question for you. We’re not medical scientists or even practitioners, but we’re really good at studying and analyzing science and technology, that’s what we do every day, so we feel we’re in a better-than-fair position to at least make a serious attempt.

We will be asking this question: Have previously generations of mobile telecommunications (1G-4G) been harmful for humans? If we find the answer to be yes, we’ll try to find if those risks persist in 5G. If the answer is no, we’ll try to find if there’s anything new in 5G that gives reason to believe it’s dangerous.

When we take this journey together, we will pass a number of sights on the way, such as: funny signs, the birth of science, posh Englishmen swearing, whether Nicholas Cage causes drowning accidents, prize fight: photons vs. electrons, dead Dutch birds, which things you do every day causes cancer, and why Draculas are actually right.

Webinar Topics:

  • Which questions we should ask
  • The scientific method, and it’s track record
  • Dose response
  • Epidemiology
  • Causation vs. correlation
  • What “ionizing” means, and why it is important
  • What regulatory bodies (FCC/ICNIRP) say
  • What 3GPP says
  • What the WHO says – And what they mean
  • What is different with millimeter wave radiation
  • Whether beam-forming and MIMO affects anything
  • The true parts of the rumours being spread by anti-5G organizations
  • What history tells us about previous mobile generations
  • Whether 5G can disrupt other things – Like  technology
  • How IoT (Internet of Things) plays a role in the risk assessment of 5G
  • Conclusion: a Risk-vs-benefit discussion

Date and Time

Date: Tuesday, October 22nd 2019
Time: 08:00 – 09:00 UTC and 14:00 – 15:00 UTC
SpeakerMartin Franzén
Virtual Classroom Online (worldwide access via Zoom)

Who is Martin Franzén?

Martin is employed by Apis Training as an instructor and science communicator. He has been active as a consultant and educator within fixed and mobile telecommunications the least 20 years and is one of the main content developers at Apis. He is also engaged in the global science community, a fierce champion of the scientific method, and claims he tries to live life only making evidence-based choices. He currently teaches advanced courses within IP/SIP/IMS/VoLTE/Cloud/5G/NFV.

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