Operating globally

Our head office is in Stockholm, Sweden but we operate worldwide. We travel anywhere where our customers ask us to. But we also provide live Virtual Classroom courses from our state-of-the-art studio in Stockholm, which means that nobody needs to travel. Our consistent high quality and renowned training methods have taken us to over 80 countries on all five continents.


Experience since 1994

We have delivered vendor-independent training to mobile operators, equipment suppliers, service providers, regulators, consultants and other customers since 1994.


Technology now

Apis’ courses are based on the latest GSMA, 3GPP, ETSI and IETF standards to meet your needs and expectations. We work everyday on improving courses and developing new training.


Training Catalogue

We provide in-depth technical courses ranging from 2G/GSM, 3G/UMTS to 4G/LTE/EPS, and now also the emerging mobile loT and 5G areas. We offer hands-on planning, optimization and troubleshooting courses. Our course portfolio also covers general datacom including TCP/IP, SIP, IMS including current trends and the evolution towards cloud-based computing, SDN and NFV.

Wide range of courses

Excellent Training

During the last decade, Apis has run 2,200 courses to more than 30,000 participants from 80 countries. Our training receives extremely complimentary feedback for course content and structure, our unique teaching methodology and for our trainers’ knowledge and teaching abilities.

Happy customers

Foldout method

The unrivalled high levels of customer satisfaction comes from the course content itself – developed and conducted by subject experts – as well as from our methods of teaching which ensure superior knowledge acquisition and retention.

Most of our courses use the renowned Foldout method – an interactive mind-mapping method that has proved to be highly efficient and popular. Whenever appropriate, we use practical exercises and labs in our courses to allow participants to put theoretical knowledge into practice.

Superior knowledge transfer and retention

Delivery formats

You have a choice of live classroom, virtual classroom and pre-recorded courses. Depending on individual preferences the
participants can benefit from direct interaction with the trainer and other students, participate in the events online, without travelling, or watch the course of interest in their own time at their own pace. We provide tailored solutions too!

Tailored solutions

The countries we have proudly delivered courses in

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