Artificial Intelligence for Telecoms

This program offers an example of incorporating artificial intelligence (AI) within the telecommunications realm.

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Classroom Training

€ 1730*

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This program offers an example of incorporating artificial intelligence (AI) within the telecommunications realm.

The course also explores the challenges and opportunities of AI in telecoms and how businesses can prepare for the AI-driven future.

• Learn about AI background
• How AI can help change telco service operations
• Understand the challenges of artificial intelligence in telecoms

Tailored for telecom professionals keen on expanding their understanding of AI’s role in their field, this course also caters to corporate leaders seeking to grasp the ramifications of AI on their operations.
• Senior Managers Leading AI efforts and tech teams
• Developers wanting to Know more about AI
• Information Architects who want to gain knowledge in AI
• Experienced professionals who would like more insight into using AI in their departments

NOTE: This course is not delivered with the FoldOut methodology. 

Course outline

What is AI? Definitions and background
  • Definition
  • AI Types
  • AI background
  • Who is who in AI
AI and Telecoms: A Comprehensive Overview
  • The role of AI in the worldwide Telecoms and digital domain
  • Unleash AI’s potential through tailored platforms
  • Current adoption of AI in Telecoms
Emerging technologies in Telco
  • Key emerging technologies
  • How AI works in Customer Service, Operations and Data Management
  • Case studies
Harnessing AI’s full potential: Management at scale
  • AI IT and Operations Transformation
  • Data Ethics and Diversity
  • High network performance levels (Use Cases)
AI strategy blueprint: From strategy to execution
  • Impact of AI on the future and society
  • AI-Driven future: How Businesses will transform
  • Development of Roadmap
Strategies for a seamless AI transformation journey
  • How to prepare to fully embrace AI’s potential
  • The Telco strategy playbook: Focusing on critical aspects
  • Practical use of AI for strategic innovation and competitive advantage
  • Business models in an AI enabled world
  • Foundation required to build successful AI programmes within the Telecoms industry
Beyond methodologies: Breeding an innovative organizational spirit
  • Innovative Principles
  • The Role of AI in Innovation
  • Agile leadership in action – Reshaping Telecoms
  • Driving AI Success – Key Project Methodologies to Adopt


A basic understanding of telecom technology and business is recommended but is optional.