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Will SMS Outlive Us All?

Short Message Service While working for a well-known Swedish telecom equipment company in the mid 1990’s, me and my colleagues one day stumbled upon specs for a brand-new GSM service; SMS. “What an incredibly stupid idea” was our common verdict. “Nobody will ever send a Short Message to ... read more

How Diameter tried to take over

Years ago the world of core network signalling of the 3GPP mobile and fixed networks was full of specialized, ever-expanding protocols from the SS7 family: ISUP, MAP, INAP, CAP… Each designed to support yet another novel service concept – digital voice calls, services of Intelligent ... read more

Very sleepy devices | IoT

In the Internet-of-Things there are various classes of devices with various requirements. Among them there are devices that 1) need to survive very long time (months, years) on a single, regular-capacity battery and 2) do not need to be reachable from the network or application server side. An ... read more

The Challenge in the Security of IoT

With the growing number of Internet-connected devices the security of IoT becomes a serious challenge and concern. Already in 2016 tens of thousands of hacked cameras and video recorders were used in a massive distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack on number of websites, including Twitter, ... read more

What is eHealth?

With new and improved technology to support high connection speeds and low latencies, the traditional relation between the doctor and the patient is moving into new opportunities for health support, so called eHealth. We already have seen the introduction on applications with doctors ... read more