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Less serious stuff

While the standardisation work is a serious and demanding job, some people involved in these activities have some sense of humour. This is more visible in the Internet community: the IETF (Internet Engineering Task Force) publishes Request For Comments (RFC) documents with various protocol ... read more

Why does 5G use NFV and SDN?

In today’s article we speak about 5G again. Why does 5G use NFV and SDN is a question a lot of people like to know. We are here to answer that today. Why does 5G use NFV and SDN? Telecommunications networks have traditionally been built on monolithic hardware designed and produced by ... read more

How Do You Slice a Network?

In the world of telecommunications today, and particularly in the somewhat chaotic domain of 5G, the term “Network slicing” is thrown around a lot. It seems important. It’s mentioned by all the big standardizing bodies, and often named as a cornerstone of future telecoms. It’s also ... read more

5G Course | Sneak Preview

Do You Really Think Everyone Around You Knows What 5G Is? Do you know exactly what 5G is? I mean, what it really is? Most sane persons should answer “probably not” to this question. But there is help to be found, here at Apis IP-Solutions. Because a while ago, we didn’t know either! Is it a ... read more