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5G for V2X – Hot or Hyped

Good to see that you’re interested in today’s article about 5G for V2x, welcome! 5G for V2X Self-driving cars, or autonomous driving, is a topic currently being discussed, not least after the tragic accident in the US where a woman was killed by a self-driving Uber taxi. The more ... read more

Preparing the Webinar

Today we are preparing  the Webinar about Artificial Intelligence that will take place tomorrow in our headoffice in Stockholm, Sweden. Preparing the Webinar We would like to show you some photo’s behind the scenes. You see our speaker Luke on the photo’s while preparing the webinar. ... read more

HTTP in the 5G Core

HTTP in the 5G Core If you think that HTTP is ”just a web browsing protocol” used for over-the-top (OTT) services from a mobile telecom network perspective – it is time to re-think! When looking at the 3GPP specs (e.g. TS 23.501) for the 5G Core, you will notice that several pictures show ... read more

IMS over 3G?

IMS over 3G? The IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS), the architectural framework for delivering IP multimedia services has been specified quite some time ago. It offers various services, from traditional voice calls, video calls, messaging, chatting, video streaming, IPTV, and many others. All over an ... read more

The rise and (slow) fall of SS7

ss7 The Signalling System number 7 was designed a couple of decades ago, with a tradtional call-setup-supervise-release procedures as the main focus. The clever, layered design of the system allowed adding new services, new protocols and deploying the SS7-based protocols in newer and newer ... read more

Drive safe with eCall and V2V

eCall and V2V Even tough Europe has the safest roads in the world, hundreds of thousands are killed in road related accidents and millions are injured. According to EU Road Safety European roads remain the safest in the world: in 2016, the EU counted 50 road fatalities per one million ... read more