IT Security Holistic Overview

Assessing, mitigating and understanding security risks in the era of 5G.

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Assessing, mitigating and understanding security risks in the era of 5G.

As telecommunications evolves and becomes increasingly pervasive in society, cybersecurity will need constant vigilance. Security in the era of 5G is going to require continuous assessment and mitigation to ensure that all vulnerabilities and threats are managed proactively.

It is important to that we look at security holistically from local to international, from operations to supply chain and dependencies.

This 3-day course is focused providing tools to understand, assess and mitigate the threats and vulnerabilities within a holistic view as Security is all encompassing.


  • Delegates will have an opportunity to explore the topic by industry expert driven content.
  • Real world case studies and scenarios are used to ensure delegates can practically apply their knowledge
  • Cutting edge information delivered by future thinkers and influencers

NOTE: This course is not delivered with the FoldOut methodology.


Course outline

Holistic Security Technology
  • TCP/IP overview
  • Encapsulation
  • Encryption
  • Role Base Authentication
  • Authentication
  • Authorization
  • Certificates
  • SSH
  • Firewall and zones
  • Log Collection
  • SIEM
5G Security
  • 5G Authentication
  • Concepts of SUPI and SUCI
  • Diameter Security
  • Differences in 2G/3G/4G and 5G
  • Usage of OP/OPc and transport key
  • RAN Security
  • Telco Cloud Considerations
  •  Virtualization Security
  • VNF/CNF security
  • Hardware Secure Modules for Cloud deployments
5G Security Vulnerabilities
  • OTA and eSIM
  • SS7 /Diameter
  • Radio access network
  • Cloud Network
  • Addressing Category Type 1,2,3 threats
  • Fraud Use Case Examples (Sim Swap, Wangiri, Sim Boxes)
5G Security Architecture
  • Holistic Overview
  • Security Strategy
  • Importance of Security Operations Centre
  • Honey Potting
  • DDoS protection Internally and externally
  • Local and International data protection


Introduction to 5G/LTE and light reading on TCP/IP Protocol- recommended but not essential.