We at Apis Training are preparing for our next webinar on the 8th of June 2022. This webinar is about Network slicing. Our guest speaker is Iwona Maksymowicz. Sign up right away or keep reading for more information!

Network Slicing Webinar in short

This one-hour webinar presents Network Slicing – one of the cornerstones of the 5G technology – as defined in the R17 3GPP specifications. The 5G Network Slicing is a network feature that enables network operators to create use-case-specific logical networks, resulting in a number of operational and business benefits. The reasons for this feature to be defined and used will be presented, followed by a bird’s-eye view of the technology that will lead to a discussion of the benefits of this solution.

Main topics for the Network Slicing Webinar:

– Requirements the modern services and applications place on the communication services provided by the mobile network operators
– Communicating the service requirements from the Application Service Providers to the Network Slice Providers
– Network Slice defined as an overlay network over the physical network
– Physical vs Logical Networks
– Consequences of using the Network Slicing solution: benefits and challenges

Who is Iwona Maksymowicz?

Iwona has worked as a trainer and consultant in the mobile telecom industry for over 25 years. She is following the technological developments from the onset of GSM, mainly working with the Core Network and specializing in signalling aspects of the telecom networks. She is from Kraków, Poland, an avid traveler, photographer, skier, sailor, and a novice diver.

Practical information about our webinar

We will have two sessions on one day. Sign up and choose your session.
Date: Wednesday 8th of June 2022
Time: 10.00 CEST and 16.00 CEST (07:00 PDT)
Speaker: Iwona Maksymowicz

This webinar is free of charge, and once it has aired everyone who has signed up will receive access to a recorded version as well as a pdf of the presentation material!