A year has passed, and looking back at 2018 quite a lot more has happened at Apis than during the year before or even a few years before.

From our own perspective we might look at things like our economy, big training delivery deals and major frame agreements. Unfortunately, we can’t really tell you about all those things, because… well we’re not allowed to. Fortunately, however, to most non-management people all of that is super-boring anyway. What we want to look at is all the cool things we have actually done!

A New Generation of Mobile Telephony

It seems a new generation of mobile telephony comes around once every decade, and this was the year of the fifth one. We started the year with premiering 5G training, and in the wake of that a lot of other courses have followed. We have Mobile Internet-of-Things (IoT) training as well as Narrowband IoT (NB-IoT) on the menu. We have NR (5G New Radio) training and we even ventured into the Artificial Intelligence domain with the world’s first hands-on AI training for non-programmers.

The Revelations

The title to this article says “Revelation” and that alludes to us having had a lot of “Aha” moments. Many of those moments have been 5G-related, but as the NFV, SDN and cloud revolutions continue its juggernaut conquest of the world, there have been quite a few Ahas connected to these topics as well. To make the whole year even more Aha-moment-susceptible, all of these topics overlap, sometimes quite a lot, which often makes a sudden revelation in one area trigger cascade revelations in other domains.


We have produced long and short versions of a lot of courses, to be taken both live and recorded, which leads to the other half of the title: digitalization. All our training is designed for delivery in classrooms as well as live-streamed online training and as recorded, self-paced courses. This mode of course delivery grows not steadily, but with increasing speed, and many customers today approach us with specific demands for digital training formats. This was not the case two years ago.

Video Has Doubled in 2018

We also have our “astream” brand in which we let other companies (in any business area) use our video communication competence to record or livestream their own message for internal use or for their customers. This business has doubled in one year, and is growing – you guessed it – faster than “steadily”. Much faster.

So we are waiting eagerly for what 2019 has in store for us. We do know that the year will begin with a number of specialization courses in the 5G area (5G core, NG-RAN) as well as new products in Open Source, Cloud and Virtualization/Containers.

A New Year’s Resolution
Ending with a New Year’s Resolution, 2019 will definitely be a year of more Aha moments (let’s just stop pretending to be surprised that we’re totally surprised, ok?) and it will definitely be a year of more intense digitalization than any year previously.

Apis Turns 25 Years Old
Also, next year Apis turns 25 years old, which I would expect warrants some kind of extravagant party behavior. Maybe even to the extent that it includes you!

With that, we wish you Happy Holidays and a Glorious New Year in 2019, full of surprises!



Until next year,

The Apis IP-Solutions Team

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