What is eHealth?

With new and improved technology to support high connection speeds and low latencies, the traditional relation between the doctor and the patient is moving into new opportunities for health support, so called eHealth. We already have seen the introduction on applications with doctors “on-line” which freed us from sitting in the doctor’s waiting room, maybe with other coughing patients, just to get the advice to drink water and rest. Now using applications on our smartphone we can stay at home or continue working waiting for the doctor calling back with a video connection.

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Now with 5G it is time for the next step!

The integration of electronic communication into medical care through faster connection speeds, reliability and short latency will completely change the relationship between the doctors and the patients. With e.g. remote medical sensors that monitor our health, analyze and if needed transmits signs of health problem to the doctor or hospital for further processing and action.

Through the data received the doctor can now manage treatment plans, screen various vitals of the patient, as well as setup a direct video connection.

But even more than that – 5G networks will be the incitement to take the next step to improve and enhance the relation between patient and caregiver as well as open up for new business.

5G eHealth will offer advanced remote diagnosis by improving mobile uplink connectivity and data compression e.g. to transfer images that can be remotely analyzed.

It will even make it possible to perform a pre-planned surgery by an expert surgeon in one part of the world, when the patient is located in another part of the world.

Massive Internet of Medical Things, mIoT

With mIoT and medical IoT, different types of health monitoring devices, wearables and sensors the doctor – or a machine – can instantly capture vital data such as physical activity, heartbeat rates, blood pressure and automatically act to prevent health hazard for the patient.

Enhanced Mobile Broadband, eMBB

With the very high 5G data rates the doctor can access large amounts of info from the patient without the need for a physical meeting, enabling us to have 3D ultra-high-resolution virtual reality meetings with our doctors. So the doctor and the examination room will now come to the patient, both saving a trip to the doctor and making it possible for the doctor to handle more patients.

5G eHealth doctor 5G online training www.apistrianing.com

Ultra Reliable Low Latency Communication, URLLC

5G mission-critical services could save lives. 5G will offer ultra-high reliability and low latency communication e.g. to perform remote surgery over long distances with the help of robotics. Technically, this requires super-fast radio resource scheduling in the radio network and a “short” user plane path in the 5G core with as little processing of the data packets as possible.

Remote diagnosis allows a doctor to analyze symptoms from a distance. This is particularly advantageous for rural areas without medical resources nearby and also for patients who are unable to travel to see a doctor.

Robotic assisted surgery is an area that can benefit from these developments. With the aid of a machine, doctors can then perform complex procedures with greater precision and flexibility.

These advantages will make the treatment of patients more comfortable and agile, where a doctor can attend a patient located in a remote location.


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