The course provides a technical description of layer 3 protocols and signalling procedures defined for the 5G radio access (‘New Radio, NR’) and radio access network (‘NG-RAN’) as defined by 3GPP in Release-15 and Release-16 (the course is fully Rel-16 compliant). The course also covers the NR layer 2 protocols.

The course uses a top-down approach starting with a high level description of the overall network architecture (nodes, areas, identity numbers, QoS concepts etc). The layer 2 and layer 3 protocols are then discussed one by one in detail in a logical scenario-based sequence. A number of message-by-message signalling sequences will be presented during the course.

Some relevant radio (NR) layer 1 procedures are covered with focus on their relation to higher layers. Protocols and signalling related to the 5GC-internal reference points for Service Based Architecture are briefly mentioned but not covered in any detail.


Basic knowledge of 5G NR/NG-RAN architecture and functions is highly recommended but not compulsory. Reasonably good technical knowledge of protocols and signalling within LTE/EPC is beneficial.

NOTE: This course is not delivered with the FoldOut methodology.

5G System Overview

  • 5G System (5GS) network nodes and interfaces
  • Area concepts and identity numbers
  • CP and UP protocol stacks

NR Physical Layer

  • NR protocol stack and channel architecture
  • NR procedures for data and control in relation to higher layer protocols

NR Layer 2 Protocols

  • Service Data Adaptation Protocol (SDAP)
  • Packet Data Convergence Protocol (PDCP)
  • Radio Link Control protocol (RLC)
  • Medium Access Control protocol (MAC)

Radio Resource Control Protocol (RRC)

  • RRC procedure summary
  • RRC states and state transitions
  • RRC Connection Establishment
  • UE capability handling
  • Configuration of SRBs and DRBs
  • Measurement configuration

Non Access Stratum Protocols (NAS)

  • 5GS NAS protocols
  • NAS states and state transitions
  • 5G Mobility Management (5GMM) procedures
  • 5GS security architecture
  • 5G Session Management (5GSM) procedures
  • 5GS QoS framework
  • NAS message formats

NG-RAN Protocols

  • Protocol stacks for NG/Xn/F1/E1 interfaces
  • NG Application Protocol (NGAP) procedures
  • Xn Application Protocol (XnAP) procedures
  • F1 Application Protocol (F1AP) procedures
  • E1 Application Protocol (E1AP) procedures

Signalling Flows

A number of important message-by-message signalling flows will be presented during the course. Some examples are: 5GS Registration, PDU Session Establishment, Tracking Area Update, RNA Update, Handover and EN-DC Setup.

Duration: 2 days


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Virtual classroom training: $1730

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