In this course you will learn to Understand Apache Kafka Ecosystem, Architecture, Core Concepts and Operations.


  • DevOps engineers
  • Solution Architects
  • Software Professionals


  • Knowledge of Linux


This course is not delivered with the FoldOut methodology.

Kafka Introducing

  • What is Apache Kafka
  • How it’s work
  • Why we are using Kafka

Apache Kafka Terminology

  • Producer
    • What is Producer
    • What is message (records)
  • Consumer
    • What is Consumer
  • Broker
    • Explaining how Kafka Broker works
  • Cluster
    • What is Cluster
    • Why clustering is needed
  • Topic
    • What is Topic
  • Partitions
    • What is Partition
  • Offset
    • What is Offset
    • Benefits of using offset
  • Consumer groups
    • What is consumer groups

Kafka Security

  • SSL Encryption in Kafka
    • Why we need SSL Encryption
    • What is SSL
    • SSL in Kafka
  • SSL Authentication in Kafka
    • What is SSL Authentication?
    • Server side – truststore
    • Client side – keystore
  • SASL/GSSAPI Authentication in Kafka
    • What is SASL
    • What is GSSAPI (Kerberos)
  • Authorization in Kafka
    • ACLs in Kafka


  • Zookeeper introduction
  • Why we are using Zookeeper in Kafka

Kafka Statistics

  • Server Statistics
    • Who are the Server metrics?
  • Producer Statistics
    • Who are the Producer metrics?
  • Consumer Statistics
    • Who are the Consumer metrics?

Kafka Troubleshooting

  • Kafka monitoring tools
  • Kafka Manager

Kafka use case

  • Example for Kafka use case
    • Tracking movement (positioning system)

Duration: 2 days


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