General knowledge about the architecture, terminology and modes of operation of 3GPP Networks is recommended as well as basic knowledge of the Internet Protocol (IP).

Diameter Introduction

  • What is Diameter used for?
  • Diameter Base Protocol, RFC 6733
  • Diameter Clients, Servers and Agents
  • Realms
  • Diameter Commands and Message Formats
  • Attribute Value Pairs (AVPs)
  • Diameter Application examples (NASREQ, Credit Control)

Peers and Transport

  • User Sessions vs Peer Connections
  • Transport layer: TLS/TCP and DTLS/SCTP
  • Diameter Peers
  • Static and Dynamic discovery of Peers
  • Managing a Peer Connection
  • Security considerations

Diameter Agents

  • Why Agents?
  • Relay Agent
  • Redirect Agent
  • Proxy Agent
  • Translation Agent

Routing and Forwarding

  • Routing and Forwarding of Diameter Commands
  • Routing Tables and Peer Tables

Diameter in 3GPP Networks

  • 3GPP Diameter interface overview
  • Diameter Routing Agent (DRA) and Edge Agent (DEA)
  • Selected Use Cases
  • Real-life considerations
  • Hosts and Realms in the 3GPP environment

EPC Interfaces

  • Diameter for Location Management and Subscriber Data Handling
  • S6a and S6d (and S7a & S7c)
  • S13 and S13’

IMS Interfaces

  • Diameter for Registration, Invitation, Location Management, Subscriber Data Handling, Online and Offline Charging
  • Cx, Dx
  • Sh, Dh
  • Ro, Rf

Policy and Charging Control Interfaces

  • Diameter for Policy and Charging Control (PCC)
  • Gx and Rx, Sd
  • Gy, Gz and Sy
  • S9

Duration: 2 days


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