In this course you will learn how to build, compose, deploy and manage Docker with Kubernetes, to understand the purpose and theory of Kubernetes, and how to run and manage your containerized applications.


  • DevOps engineers
  • Solution Architects
  • Software Professionals


  • Knowledge of Linux/Unix shell command


This course is not delivered with the FoldOut methodology.

Docker Introducing

  • What is Docker?
  • Why use Docker?
  • Containers vs Virtual Machines
  • Images and Containers

Docker Local Setup

  • Set up the VM
  • Manage the VM
  • Download Docker
  • Install Docker

Manage Containers

  • Docker run
  • List running containers
  • Container Lifecycle
  • Container Resources
  • Container Networking
  • Container Logging
  • Executing Commands in Running Containers
  • Container Environment Variables

Docker Images

  • Images General Info
  • Docker Hub
  • Private Repository
  • Pull Images
  • Build Images
  • Run Built Images
  • Push Images
  • Dockerfile
  • Docker Layers

Docker Volumes

  • Understanding Volumes in Docker
  • Create and Manage Volumes
  • Start a Container with a Volume

Introduction to Kubernetes

  • A Container Orchestration System
  • Platform for Operating with Containers Across Machines
  • Used for Increased Automation
  • Scaling with Ease
  • High Availability
  • Supports Microservice Architecture
  • Docker vs Kubernetes

Kubernetes Cluster Architecture & Components

  • High/Context Level
  • Component Level
  • Pod Level
  • Container Level

Kubernetes Local Setup

  • Various Kubernetes Deployment Scenarios
  • Single Node Deployment

Kubernetes Basic Concepts

  • Kubernetes State
  • Kubernetes Objects
  • Pods, ReplicaSets, Deployments
  • Namespaces
  • Container Images
  • Healthchecks

Kubernetes Basic Concepts Details

  • Understand how Kubernetes Works in Relation to Its State
  • Kubernetes Advanced Objects
  • Understand how Pods are related to Deployments and ReplicaSets
  • Run Pods
  • How to use Container Images
  • How to use Healthchecks

Kubernetes Advanced Concepts

  • What are Services and how do we use them
  • Advanced Networking scenarios with NodePort and Ingress
  • Volumes in Kubernetes
  • Small Data Storage in Kubernetes – Secrets and ConfigMaps
  • Hot topics on Kubernetes Usage – NFV, Edge Computing

Kubernetes Administration

  • kubectl Configuration
  • Authentication
  • RBAC – Authorization
  • Cluster Management

Duration: 2 days


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