Target audience

The target group for this course is is technical personnel or others who need technical knowledge in the area.


The students are expected to have a basic network understanding equivalent to the course Data Communications Fundamentals, as well as a knowledge in TCP/IP equivalent to the course TCP/IP in Practice.


This is a theoretical training with practical exercises.

NOTE: This course is not delivered with the FoldOut methodology

Course content


  • Internet history
  • IPv6 history
  • Terminology
  • IP network philosophy
  • Why – or why not?

IPv6 Addressing

  • Address-space Comparison
  • Address Presentation
  • Address Types
  • Address Scope
  • Multicasting
  • Address Resolution
  • Address Selection

IPv6 Headers

  • IPv4 – IPv6 Comparison
  • IPv6 Base Header
  • Routing Header
  • Fragment Header
  • IPsec Fundamentals
  • Option Header

ICMP and Auto-configuration

  • Overview of ICMP Messages
  • Error Messages
  • Neighbor Discovery
  • Stateless Auto Configuration
  • ICMP Redirect
  • Path MTU Discovery
  • Router Renumbering

Affected Mechanisms

  • DHCPv6 (Stateful Auto Configuration)
  • IPv6 over Ethernet
  • Transport layer
  • DNS and the Quad A (AAAA) record
  • Generic Application Issues
  • SIP and IPv6


  • Configured tunneling
  • 6to4
  • 6rd – rapid deployment
  • Teredo
  • Dual Stack
  • NAT444
  • DSLite
  • NAT64

Mobile IPv6

  • Why Mobile IPv6?
  • Mobile IPv6 building blocks
  • Message flows

IPv6 Security

  • The protocol stack
  • Firewalling and filtering
  • Denial of service
  • Neighbor discovery and SEND
  • Tunneling issues
  • IPSec

IPv6 Practical exercises during the course

  • Addressing
  • Networking tools
  • Neighbor discovery
  • Stateful and stateless auto configuration
  • 6to4 tunneling
  • 6in4 tunneling
  • Applications
  • DNS
  • Web/http
  • FTP

Duration: 3 days


Classroom training: € 2410

Virtual classroom training: € 1680

Recorded training: € 1680

We offer substantial discounts for group bookings, and we have corporate rates with most of the operators and equipment suppliers in the world.

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