General knowledge about the architecture, terminology and modes of operation of the GSM/UMTS/EPS access and core networks is highly recommended. Basic knowledge of the Internet Protocol (IP) family is useful.

Course content

3GPP System Overview

  • GPRS/UMTS network architectures and mode of operation
  • EPS (Evolved Packet System) – architecture and mode of operation
  • PDNs (Packet Data Networks)
  • QoS handling

PCC Introduction and Architecture

  • IP Connectivity access networks (IP-CANs)
  • PCC high level principles
  • PCC nodes/functions (PCRF, SPR, AF and PCEF)
  • Protocols and Reference points used for PCC
  • Sessions, Bearers and Service Data Flows (SDF)

The Diameter protocol

  • The Diameter protocol
  • Commands and and Attribute Value Pairs
  • Diameter routing principles
  • PCC Diameter use case

Policy Control part 1

  • What does Policy Control include?
  • Role of PCRF, PCEF, TDF, AF, OCS and SPR
  • Generation of PCC rules
  • Contents of PCC rules – SDF description, Charging and QoS parameters
  • ADC – Application Detection and Control
  • Signalling flows on Gx, Rx, Sd and Sy

Policy Control part 2

  • User plane handling in PCEF
  • QoS authorization and control for Service Data Flows and IP-CAN Bearers
  • Gating and Redirect
  • Event reporting and Usage Monitoring
  • Relevant signalling flows
  • Roaming scenarios with local breakout or home routed access
  • Home PCRF and Visited PCRF
  • Interaction on the S9 interface for roaming scenarios

Online Charging

  • Online Credit Control
  • Flow Based Charging (FBC) activities
  • The Gy/Ro reference point
  • Usage and Event reporting
  • Diameter for Online Charging

Offline Charging

  • Offline Charging principles
  • Flow Based Charging (FBC) activities
  • Usage reporting and Event reporting
  • Relevant signalling flows
  • Protocols ( Diameter, GTP’ and FTP)
  • Reference points (Gz, Ga, Rf)
  • CDR content

Duration: 2 days


Classroom training: € 1730

Virtual classroom training: € 1210

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