It gives the students vendor-neutral conceptual knowledge of the major domains of networking practices that support the theory and practice of Software Defined Networking (SDN).


Foundational knowledge in computer networking practices.


When taking this training you have the option to also get the official ONF certification test (OCSA) directly, as part of the deal. Let us know when you are contacting us about the course whether you want to include the certification.

Domain 1: Networking Concepts

  • Ethernet networks
  • Collision domains and broadcast domains
  • Layer 2 addressing, including address resolution
  • Layer 3 / IP addressing, including subnet masks
  • Function of routers and switches
  • Routing Protocols
  • Connection-oriented vs. connectionless protocols
  • IP Network Services
  • IPv4 and IPv6 fundamentals

Domain 2: SDN Concepts

  • History of SDN
  • What is SDN?
  • SDN Value Proposition
  • SDN Use Cases
  • The characteristics of an SDN Network
  • SDN Devices
  • Overlay Networking Abstractions

Domain 3: OpenFlow

  • OpenFlow secure transport
  • Message Types
  • Basic Operation
  • Differences between OpenFlow versions
  • Proactive vs Reactive Flows
  • Statistics/Counters
  • Policy Enforcement
  • OpenFlow Management and Configuration Protocols
  • Flow Table Entry Format
  • Flow Timers
  • Pipeline Processing
  • Packet Matching

Domain 4: SDN Architecture and Ecosystem

  • SDN Layers
  • SDN Architecture compared to Traditional Network Architectures
  • Northbound API’s
  • Southbound API’s
  • Security and Availability
  • Packet and Optical Integration methods
  • Migration Strategies
  • Hybrid Mode Switches
  • Organization in the SDN Ecosystem
  • Who is the ONF and what do they do?
  • Controller Placement and Redundancy
  • SDN Applications

Domain 5: Open Source SDN

  • OpenFlow Agents
  • OpenFlow Controllers
  • Utilities and Tools
  • Open Source SDN Distributions
  • Open vSwitch
  • Orchestration Systems
  • Open Source Initiatives

Duration: 2 days


Classroom training: € 1730

Virtual classroom training: € 1730

Recorded training: € 1210 Buy now

We offer substantial discounts for group bookings, and we have corporate rates with most of the operators and equipment suppliers in the world.

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