The course introduces the basic concepts to help students to effectively design, build, operate, and maintain a Vertica Analytics Platform database.


  • Administrators looking to setup and maintain installed Vertica platform
  • Database Administrators
  • Database Architects
  • Data Analysts
  • Big Data Professionals


  • Basic understanding of Data Analysis
  • Basic understanding of basic concepts and terminology of relational database management systems and SQL


The course is theoretical training with practical exercises. All exercises assume that you have installed Vertica.


This course is not delivered with the FoldOut methodology.


  • What is Vertica
    • Column Stores
      • RDBMS (Relational database management system)
      • Compression
      • MPP Architecture
  • Why we need Vertica
    • Compression
    • Early and Late Materialization
    • Predicate Pushdown
    • Projections and Live Aggregate Projections
    • Flattened Tables
    • Compressing the Indexes is Not Columnar
    • Architectural Issues—Leader Nodes
    • Memory vs Disk Drive
    • Memory Management
    • Columnar Core
    • Depth of Analysis
    • Openness and Lock-in
  • How can work Vertica with big data
  • Where we can use Vertica
  • K-safety
  • High Availability with Fault Groups
    • Automatic Fault Groups
    • User-Defined Fault Groups
  • Adding Nodes to Fault Groups

Data Management

  • Introduction to Projections
  • Loading Data
    • Load Methods
      • COPY AUTO
  • Partitioning Data
  • Removing Data
    • Reasons for Deleting Data
    • Different Types of Delete
  • Aggregate Projections

Query Management

  • Query Execution
  • Resource Management
  • Overview of Analytic Functions
  • Query Optimizer
  • Redesigning Projections for Query Optimization
    • Projection Encoding and Compression
      • Default (AUTO) Encoding
      • Encoding with Database Designer
    • ORDER BY Clause in Projections
      • Merge join VS Hash join
    • GROUP BY Clauses in Projections
      • PIPELINED vs. HASH
    • Projection Replication vs. Segmentation
      • Segmentation in Auto-Projections
    • Minimizing Data Redistribution
      • In Joins
    • Segmentation and Group Bys
      • Reducing the Data to Distribute with Compact Network

Security and user Management

• Database User Management
• Table Access Privileges
• Securing the Database
• Database statistics

Diagnostics & Troubleshooting

  • Diagnostics tools
    • Scrutinize Command
  • Exporting a Catalog
  • Exporting Profiling Data


  • About Rebalancing
  • Prepare Cluster for Rebalance
  • When to Add or Remove Nodes in Cluster
  • What Happens During Rebalancing
  • Phases of Rebalancing
  • Steps Before You Add or Remove a Node

Duration: 2 days


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