OpenStack Deployment and Orchestration – Advanced level Duration: 2 days

OpenStack Deployment and Orchestration – Advanced level


A two-day classroom course focusing on real-world, production grade deployments and orchestration – the course is designed with 70% hands-on labs and includes learning and using the Fuel Community deployment tool for production-grade deployments and utilising Heat for on-cloud orchestration. This course can be delivered as a standalone session or can be bundled into OpenStack Essentials, Basics, Networking and Storage.

NOTE: This course is not delivered with the FoldOut methodology.

Day 1:

The Challenge of Deploying and Maintaining OpenStack

  • Overview of the OpenStack Deployment Requirements
  • Triple-O Overview
  • Scripting in JSON and YAML

Using Triple-O

  • Scripting the Triple-O environment
  • Deploying Triple-O
  • Production Considerations


  • Deploying and Environment with Triple-O

Day 2:

Using Heat

  • Scripting Heat Templates
  • Heat Integration
  • Automating Heat Environments


  • Customising a Triple-O Environment
  • Deploying Resources on Triple-O
  • Using Heat Templates to deploy Resources on Triple-O