OpenStack Networking – Advanced level Duration: 1 day

OpenStack Networking – Advanced level


A one-day modular course that covers the OpenStack Neutron program in detail. The course candidates will get to learn about the inner workings of Neutron and it’s components and get to use their very own OpenStack installation via the Horizon and the CLI. The course is designed as 50% theory and 50% labs so the candidates get a good understanding of the reference model Neutron components, including the OVS, Neutron router, Neutron DVR etc. The candidates will have the ability to test the functions and capabilities, and get an overview of network troubleshooting.


Strong understanding of general network concepts, practical implementation of networking equipment, basic understanding of higher level network services and network virtualisation, good linux configuration and troubleshooting skills.

NOTE: This course is not delivered with the FoldOut methodology.

Basic Neutron Overview

  • Neutron Design and Vendor Plugins
  • Routing and IPAM

OVS Plugin Deep Dive

Routing and IPAM in Neutron

  • Routing in Neutron
  • Routing wit Neutron Distributed Virtual Router
  • IPAM

Tacker and Network Functions as a Service

  • Tacker
  • VPNaaS, FWaaS, LBaaS
  • Integrating Vendor Hardware and Virtual Devices


  • Configuring Neutron Networks via the GUI and CLI
  • Advanced Neutron in CLI
  • Troubleshooting Neutron Environments