EPS (LTE/EPC) Training

Mobile network technology has evolved through several phases, or generations. From analogue 1G we can now use 4G. The 4G standard, created by 3GPP, describes a radio access network (RAN) and a core network. The RAN in 4G is called LTE (Long-Term Evolution) and the core network is called EPC (Evolved Packet Core). Together they form EPS (Evolved Packet System). The EPS technology is the only global standardized track forward for mobile data communications

  • LTE/EPC System Overview

    LTE/EPC System Overview

    The LTE/EPC System Overview course offers a comprehensive – yet easily understandable – overview of the basic...

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  • LTE Signalling

    LTE Signalling

    The course offers a solid understanding of the layer 2 (L2) and layer 3 (L3) signalling protocols defined for the evolved ...

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  • EPC Signalling

    EPC Signalling

    The course describes the Evolved Packet Core (EPC) as standardized by 3GPP in technical specifications. The course .....

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  • Diameter in 3GPP Networks

    Diameter in 3GPP Networks

    The course describes the Diameter protocol and particularly the use of Diameter in 3GPP Networks ...

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