PCC – Policy and Charging Control Duration: 2 days

PCC – Policy and Charging Control
The PCC – Policy and Charging Control training offers a comprehensive – yet easily understandable – description of the purpose, principles, architecture for Policy and Charging Control as specified by 3GPP. The course focuses on PCC used with UMTS and EPS (with GTP-based core network). Relevant functional entities, protocols and interfaces are described, and signalling flows are used to illustrate the PCC mechanisms.

General knowledge about the architecture, terminology and modes of operation of the GSM/UMTS/EPS access and core networks is highly recommended. Basic knowledge of the Internet Protocol (IP) family is useful.

3GPP System Overview
•    GPRS/UMTS network architectures and mode of operation
•    EPS (Evolved Packet System) – architecture and mode of operation
•    PDNs (Packet Data Networks)
•    QoS handling

PCC Introduction and Architecture
•    IP Connectivity access networks (IP-CANs)
•    PCC high level principles
•    PCC nodes/functions (PCRF, SPR, AF and PCEF)
•    Protocols and Reference points used for PCC
•    Sessions, Bearers and Service Data Flows    (SDF)

The Diameter protocol
•    The Diameter protocol
•    Commands and and Attribute Value Pairs
•    Diameter routing principles
•    PCC Diameter use case

Policy Control part 1
•    What does Policy Control include?
•    Role of PCRF, PCEF, TDF, AF, OCS and SPR
•    Generation of PCC rules
•    Contents of PCC rules – SDF description, Charging and QoS parameters
•    ADC – Application Detection and Control
•    Signalling flows on Gx, Rx, Sd and Sy

Policy Control part 2
•    User plane handling in PCEF
•    QoS authorization and control for Service Data Flows and IP-CAN Bearers
•    Gating and Redirect
•    Event reporting and Usage Monitoring
•    Relevant signalling flows
•    Roaming scenarios with local breakout or home routed access
•    Home PCRF and Visited PCRF
•    Interaction on the S9 interface for roaming scenarios

Online Charging
•    Online Credit Control
•    Flow Based Charging (FBC) activities
•    The Gy/Ro reference point
•    Usage and Event reporting
•    Diameter for Online Charging

Offline Charging
•    Offline Charging principles
•    Flow Based Charging (FBC) activities
•    Usage reporting and Event reporting
•    Relevant signalling flows
•    Protocols ( Diameter, GTP’ and FTP)
•    Reference points (Gz, Ga, Rf)
•    CDR content


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