3GPP Mobile Systems Overview Duration: 2 days

3GPP Mobile Systems Overview
The 3GPP Mobile Systems Overview course describes 3GPP systems from the voice centric GSM via the introduction of IP in GPRS and UMTS to later developments such as high-speed Mobile Broadband, LTE, IMS, VoLTE, IoT (internet of things) and the emerging 5G System. All topics are presented in a comprehensive – yet easily understandable – way. Essential subsystems and nodes are described. Basic traffic cases are used to demonstrate the function and architecture of the systems.

Technical education and/or at least one year of telecom business experience is recommended.

3GPP System Introduction
• An overview of the 3GPP Network evolution from GSM via UMTS to LTE/EPS and the emerging 5G
• Radio Networks vs Core Networks
• Service Evolution; from operator voice to all-IP, Over-the-Top services and IoT (Internet of Things)

GSM System Overview
• GERAN – the 2G Radio Access Network
• The CS (Circuit Switched) Core Network
• Cells and Location Areas
• Mobility Management
• Voice Call Setup
• SMS transfer
• Voice and Video Calls in 3G (UMTS)

The Mobile Broadband Service
• Introduction to IP networking
• The PS (Packet Switched) Core Network
• New nodes and functions for data traffic
• Registration and Session Setup
• Packet Data Networks; the Internet, intranets and IMS

Mobile Broadband in 2G (GPRS) and 3G (UMTS/HSPA)
• Radio Resource Management for data traffic
• TDMA vs W-CDMA – what is the difference and why does it matter
• Mobile Broadband traffic to/from a terminal – how it works
• Technical network evolution vs data traffic growth – how do we get higher bit rates?

LTE/EPS/4G System Overview
• E-UTRAN – the 4G Radio Access Network
• The Evolved Packet Core (EPC)
• The always connected, all-IP paradigm
• VoLTE and other voice alternatives
• IoT and 4G

A quick look into the world of 5G
• What is 5G…
• …and what will we use it for…?
• 5G Use Cases: eMBB, URLLC and mMTC
• Services and Generations – which service is supported in which “G”


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