UMTS/HSPA RAN Performance and Optimization Duration: 3 days

UMTS/HSPA RAN Performance and Optimization
This course provides an end-to-end overview of UMTS/HSPA RAN performance monitoring and optimization. Network concepts and features are analysed against available network measurements and call traffic signalling flows, to infer the use of different counters and KPIS. Performance KPIs within this course are investigated on a vendor independent perspective, focusing on the concepts and applications. Alongside with the analysis of different KPIs classes and monitoring reports, this course also boosts a comprehensive approach to network troubleshooting and optimization tasks.

General UMTS System knowledge is required. For background knowledge, the Apis course PS Domain Evolution and UMTS Air Interface is recommended. Knowledge of HSPA principles is also essential for this training.

This training is best suited for the 3G network planners, optimisers and quality control teams. After attending this course, participants will understand how different KPIs are obtained, infer possible problems within the network and develop efficient approaches to solve them.

UMTS and HSPA introduction
•    UTRAN architecture
•    3GPP releases
•    Comparison of 3G (UMTS) and 3.5G (HSPA)
•    Protocols & Interfaces in UTRAN

UMTS and HSPA Performance
•    HSPA user and cell average throughput
•    Influence of number of codes, power settings and modulation schemes
•    Impact of Dual-Cell and MIMO
•    QoS aware scheduling
•    System level simulation results

Principles of Performance Management, KPI and Optimisation
•    Counters, PI & KPI
•    Data acquisition for Performance Management
•    Different Classes and Hierarchy of KPIs
•    Field Measurement and Signalling based counters and KPIs.
•    Optimisation Cycle and Performance Monitoring

Accessibility KPIs
•    RRC Setup Success Rate
•    RAB Setup Success Rate
•    CSSR – Call Setup SR
•    SSSR – Session Setup SR
•    HSDPA Session Setup SR
•    HSUPA Session Setup SR

Retainability KPIs
•    RRC Success Ratio
•    RAB Success Ratio
•    Packet Session Success Ratio
•    HSPA Success Ratio

Mobility KPIs
•    SHO success rate
•    IFHO Success Rate
•    ISHO Success Rate
•    HSDPA Serving Cell Change SR

Traffic and Capacity KPIs
•    Throughput calculation per Traffic channel
•    HSPA throughput
•    HSPA throughput per session
•    Iub Utilization
•    Iu-PS Utilization
•    Avg. DL & UL Power
•    Avg. Code Tree Utilization
•    CS Erlang

Quality KPIs
•    Avg. DL/UL BLER
•    Avg. EbNo
•    Avg. DL Radio Link Power
•    Average CQI for HSDPA Connection

Miscellaneous KPIs
•    Propagation Delay
•    RRC state change
•    HSPA # users
•    # UE supporting MIMO and other smart features
•    HSDPA # Codes allocated
•    HSPA Code Management
•    Baseband capacity

Performance Reports and Troubleshooting
•    Combining KPIs to produce troubleshooting reports
•    Traffic Monitoring
•    Capacity Management and Troubleshooting Reports
•    Accessibility and Quality Monitoring Reports
•    Mobility Reports
•    Cell Performance and Capacity Lists: Black, Grey and White
•    Cell Health Reports
•    Performance control base on drive-test results
•    DC-HSDPA performance monitoring