SIP Training

As the world becomes an All-IP world, the services we use such as telephony need to follow suit and become IP-based services. Telephony over IP is called Voice over IP, or VoIP, and the de facto standard chosen by the global telecommunications community is SIP, Session Initiation Protocol, created by the IETF. It is also the signaling protocol chosen by 3GPP for IMS, which means all future standardized mobile telephony will be using SIP. This framework is called Voice over LTE, or VoLTE

  • SIP Fundamentals

    SIP Fundamentals

    This two days course will help you to thoroughly understand all the issues of using and building a Voice over ...

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  • SIP Advanced

    SIP Advanced

    This is an advanced SIP training with a lot of practical exercises. Functions such as transaction handling, dialogs, ...

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  • SIP Troubleshooting

    SIP Troubleshooting

    This course is a practical course. Theoretical chapters are mixed with practial exercises where the students ...

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  • Mastering SIP Advanced

    Mastering SIP Advanced

    Attending SIP Advanced (3 days) and SIP Troubleshooting (3 days) individually, with time in-between for ...

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