IPv6 Technical Duration: 3 days

IPv6 Technical
This course will describe the fundamentals of IPv6 networking. The training is focused on the protocols and mechanisms defined within IPv6 as well as functions affected by IPv6, such as network design and DNS. Theoretical presentations and hands-on will be mixed during the education.

The target group for this course is is technical personnel or others who need technical knowledge in the area.

The students are expected to have a basic network understanding equivalent to the course Data Communications Fundamentals, as well as a knowledge in TCP/IP equivalent to the course TCP/IP in Practice.

This is a theoretical training with practical exercises.

NOTE: This course is not delivered with the FoldOut methodology.

•        Internet history
•        IPv6 history
•        Terminology
•        IP network philosophy
•        Why – or why not?

IPv6 Addressing
•        Address-space Comparison
•        Address Presentation
•        Address Types
•        Address Scope
•        Multicasting
•        Address Resolution
•        Address Selection

IPv6 Headers
•        IPv4 – IPv6 Comparison
•        IPv6 Base Header
•        Routing Header
•        Fragment Header
•        IPsec Fundamentals
•        Option Header

ICMP and Auto-configuration
•        Overview of ICMP Messages
•        Error Messages
•        Neighbor Discovery
•        Stateless Auto Configuration
•        ICMP Redirect
•        Path MTU Discovery
•        Router Renumbering

Affected Mechanisms
•        DHCPv6 (Stateful Auto Configuration)
•        IPv6 over Ethernet
•        Transport layer
•        DNS and the Quad A (AAAA) record
•        Generic Application Issues
•        SIP and IPv6

•        Configured tunneling
•        6to4
•        6rd – rapid deployment
•        ISATAP
•        Teredo
•        Dual Stack
•        NAT444
•        DSLite
•        NAT64

Mobile IPv6
•        Why Mobile IPv6?
•        Mobile IPv6 building blocks
•        Message flows

IPv6 Security
•        The protocol stack
•        Firewalling and filtering
•        Denial of service
•        Neighbor discovery and SEND
•        Tunneling issues
•        IPSec

IPv6 Practical exercises during the course
•        Addressing
•        Networking tools
•        Neighbor discovery
•        Stateful and stateless auto configuration
•        6to4 tunneling
•        6in4 tunneling
•        Applications
•        DNS
•        Web/http
•        FTP


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