Webinar: VMware SDN and SD-WAN


“Why build something in hardware, that can be built in software?”

The quote is interesting, and very relevant. SDN, or software-defined networking, means that the logical parts of a network is moved from the hardware into the software platform. The hardware is still around but acts more as a highway that just pushes packets. Once the logical part of the network is in software, any topology can be created. The network and security are now a part of the virtual platform, and can be created, moved, coped, re-created and removed in more or less any fashion and within seconds.

SD-WAN, or Software-defined Wide Area Networks, is taking a similar grip around communication between physical locations. MPLS, Internet, 4G, 5G, private links etc. can all be seen as raw bandwidth with certain quality. Something to build any topology on top of and maximize the usage of. A true SD-WAN contains intelligence that can perform link-steering, error correction, application detection, and capacity aggregation.

When the logical part of the network no longer is tied to specific hardware, your logic may span not only your own datacenters, but also external ones owned by someone else – the logic is still under your control.

VMware SDN and SD-WAN

Date: Tuesday, March 10th 2020
Time: 09:00 – 10:00 UTC and 15:00 – 16:00 UTC
Guest Speaker: Anders Krus


  • SDN
    • Your logic on any hardware and infrastructure
  • SD-WAN
    • Maximize the usage of available connections and bandwidth

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