5G For Enterprise

Harness the opportunity of private 5G networks.

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Classroom Training

€ 2410*

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Harness the opportunity of private 5G networks.

The relevant basics of NG-RAN are also covered. Roles of the Network Functions (NFs) as specified in the 3GPP R17 standards are discussed, including the interactions both within the 5GC and between the 5GC and the NG-RAN, the 5GC and the external AF for Service Influencing and the 5GC and the EPC for 4G ↔ 5G Interworking.

The course explains the challenges the 5GS faces from the huge variety of services it is expected to cater to, and presents the new network features that enable the 5GS to satisfy the various service requirements in an optimal and cost-efficient way: Service Based Architecture approach with specialized NFs, Network Slicing, PDU Sessions with multiple PDU Session Anchors, hosting services closer to the user, traffic influencing from external AFs, and the 5G PCC model used to enforce service-specific subscription and traffic handling rules. The course presents how the 5GC handles the the access to services by different types of UEs. It covers the 5G Registration and PDU Session Establishment traffic cases, User Plane resources definitions and handling, UE mobility handling, and the five basic 5G use cases (eMBB – including Vo5G, MIoT/mMTC, URLLC, V2X and HMTC).

Course outline

  • Build solid knowledge, understanding and insights into the full 5G landscape.
  • Gain foundational knowledge of the technologies impacting and impacted by 5G
  • Requirements for 5G private networks
  • Fully understand and assess the 5G private network landscape and commercial potential.
  • Immediately generate a concise and integrated strategy for harnessing innovative 5G private network opportunities.
  • Assess the strengths, weaknesses and potential roles of different service providers and vendors delivering 5G capabilities
  • Enhance business sustainability by being prepared for 5G technological advances
  • Assess the potential of 5G eEnterprise private networks and identify how to maximize their potential.
  • Consider cutting-edge 5G opportunities in areas such as edge computing and network slicing that could favorably impact your organization
  • Explore a range of different private LTE and 5G private network case studies and understand and assess the different approach that they are taking
  • Make informed business decisions and build a business case related to the adoption of 5G technologies in the context of enterprise private networks
  • Develop viable business strategies to maximize 5G private network opportunities
  • Delegates will have an opportunity to explore the topic by industry expert driven content.
  • Real world case studies and scenarios are used to ensure delegates can practically apply their knowledge
  • Cutting edge information delivered by future thinkers and industry influencers
  • Highly interactive with facilitated strategy session, business model canvases and team collaboration to build a strategic plan for implementation in your business.
  • The only course you’ll need to immediately develop viable business strategies to maximize the 5G Enterprise opportunity! You leave informed and with a complete strategy to harness the advantage of the 5G Private Networks.
  • Introducing 5G, definitions and market forecasts: Understanding the narrow and wider definitions of 5G. Where 5G fits into the global telecoms and digital landscape?
  • Enabling technologies for the 5G network. The many and varied spectrum options and possibilities for 5G
  • 5G IT and Operations Transformation. Driving cultural change: re-orientating the whole organization towards the customer.
  • Who’s who in 5G. Wholesale and enterprise service providers and market opportunity
  • Current situation of 5G Networks
  • Current situation of private networks
  • How spectrum, licensing and private networks operate in context of the enterprise
  • Use cases requiring high network performance levels
  • Private Network Models
  • Hybrid
  • CSP/Private partnerships
  • 5G Core Architecture – Building secure networks with high availability and reliability.
  • Security and Performance management
  • The role of government and regulators in the future of private 5G networks
  • Industry Use Cases
  • Case Study Presentations. Refine 5G Private Network Business Model Canvas for post course implementation


A basic understanding of Telecoms Technology and Business is recommended but not essential. We also recommend Apis’ “5G System Overview” online module for an introductory knowledge on 5G.