Telecom training for modern companies

Telecom training for companies who want to embrace digitization and stay in the forefront of a fast-paced, wireless industry by learning, upskilling and reskilling – without using multiple suppliers.

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Find the right Learning Path for you

Advance through content easily and make the most of what Apis has to offer with these carefully bundled Learning Paths. Each Learning Path incorporates a sequence of related courses that enable you to progress through and become proficient in a particular competence area.

Mobile Telecom for Management

If you are a tech or IT manager who needs to quickly grasp the fundamentals of 5G, this learning path is tailored for you.

Understanding Mobile Telecom

If you’re new to the field of telecoms and seeking a strong foundation to build upon, this learning path is designed for you.


If you’re looking to further enhance your skills in the realm of 5G, then
this is the perfect learning path for you.

5G Core

If you’re interested in optimizing your 5G core deployment and
architecture, then this learning path is tailored for you.

Voice / Telephony in 5G

If you’re interested in making voice calls in the 5G domain, then this learning path is for you.


Still have not deployed and moved you traffic to 5G and need to
strengthen your knowledge in 4G?

4G Core

If you haven’t yet deployed and migrated your traffic to 5G and need to reinforce your knowledge in 4G, then this learning path is the perfect fit for you.

Voice / Telephony in 4G

Are you considering sunsetting your 2G and 3G networks and
transitioning to Voice over LTE/4G? Sign up for this learning path.

Private Networks

Private networks are rapidly gaining popularity and are likely to become a permanent fixture in the telecommunications landscape, so it’s essential to understand their key features and benefits.

Why do our clients choose us?

25+ years
of experience


300k successful

300+ Mobile Operators
and enterprise companies


Ever-changing technology and mobile standards

Apis Training appreciates the rate at which technology changes and that’s why we make it our business to ensure that your business doesn’t get left behind. Our lecturers are industry experts and are committed to ensuring that they are always ahead of the technology curve, so that you can be too!


Offering access to learning as the need arises

Updating employees’ skills at the very moment that they’re needed can be the difference between forging ahead or lagging behind. With Apis Training, you can get your employees signed up and upskilled on everything from Mobile Telecom and Information Technology to Business Strategy on demand and within hours! Making sure they’re able to implement newly- gained knowledge immediately.


Dealing with multigenerational learners

Today’s workforce is multinational, multiethnic and multigenerational. In fact, we understand that Millennials and Gen Z mostly prefer self-paced learning, and Gen X and Baby Boomers mostly enjoy face-to-face interaction. In order to continue help you to meet the challenge of cultivating learning experiences for the multigenerational workforce – from seasoned leaders to rising professionals – Apis Training ensures that we tap into the potential and preferences of your learners, starting with the way our content is delivered.


Providing personalised training

We understand that employees are not only increasingly seeking roles that provide training, but they also expect the training to be relevant to their job and personalised for their learning journey. Apis Training has tailored our training methodology to meet individualised training needs.



We understand that budget constraints are the number one delay in the deployment of training. We also know that the knock-on effect of not being able to upskill your team quickly and effectively can be huge! As such, Apis Training has a number of pricing structures and options designed to suit various budgets. From volume discounts for recorded training to public schedule training., we have all these options (and more!) available.


Lack of executive buy-in

We know that one of the obstacles that may hinder your ability to engage in training can be the lack of executive buy-in. We also know that most executives see the value in upskilling – after all 79% of CEOs say the lack of key skills was one of their top three concerns and 46% see upskilling as their favourite solution (PwC). However, getting them to buy into the training partner you have selected can be tough. We make it easier for you. We have created three documents that will help you convince your boss, the HR department or even your CEO that Apis Training is the right choice, not only you, but for your entire organisation.

Delivery formats

We have tailored our training methodology to meet your training needs.
This includes both how we deliver training and its content.

eLearning training

eLearning courses are pre-recorded in our studio and streamed over the Internet. This allows the student to take the course anywhere, anytime at the student’s own schedule and convenience.

Virtual classroom courses

Virtual classroom courses are streamed live from our studio over the Internet. This allows students to interact in real-time with the trainer – but without anyone spending time and money travelling.

 Classroom training

Classroom training is the classic format where our trainer and the participants meet physically in a conference room. We offer public classroom training that is open for anyone to attend and in-house courses at the customer’s own premises.


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