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Modern telecom eLearning solutions for all your learning, upskilling and reskilling needs. Reach higher business goals and facilitate innovation with a trusted, vendor-independent partner.

Why Apis Training

We thrive in an ever-evolving telecommunications landscape and want to be a part of paving the way for the future. High-end knowledge is at the core of telecom companies and their workforce, and we understand that to excel and cultivate business growth, learning is an ongoing mission.

For 30 years and through five generations of wireless telecommunications standards, our expert-led courses have given telecom professionals and companies the knowledge and skills required to navigate the dynamic telecom industry. With no hidden agenda or strings attached within the industry, we provide a partnership you can trust completely for your upskilling needs. 

Whether the goal is to revamp an entire telecom infrastructure, leverage the endless possibilities of wireless standards or simply to prepare for the next generation of connectivity, Apis Training is your go-to partner for complex eLearning.

30 years

of experience



300k successful


300+ Mobile Operators

and enterprise companies

Our curriculum

is vendor-neutral

We provide

tailored solutions

Our courses

Apis Training’s extensive course catalogue is unique to the industry standard and is constantly updated to best fit the needs of modern companies. Take a look at our courses – we bet you’ll find what you’re looking for 

Our  solutions


Access the complete catalogue

Gain access to our complete catalogue of on-demand courses through a simple subscription model. Apis+, our most valued eLearning solution provides you and your team with in-depth telecom knowledge, whenever and wherever you are. 

Learning Paths

Focus on one specific topic

Our carefully bundled Learning Paths are ready-made packages with several courses covering everything you need to know about a specific area in-depth. Gain access to the specific courses of your interest without having to subscribe to the whole catalogue.

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