Training Catalogue

Our training catalogue is continually kept updated and expanded as 3GPP, ETSI, IETF and other industry specifications and standards evolve. The trainings presented here are our standard off-the-shelf trainings. However, we often customize trainings for in-house deliveries for a specific customer. Please contact us for enquiries for customized courses. All courses are available as classroom trainings. Most courses are available as virtual classroom training or as recorded training. Please contact us for enquiries about available delivery formats

  • 5G and IoT Training

    5G and IoT Training

    There may not yet be a single commonly agreed view on what 5G exactly is, but it is clear that the evolution of mobile broadband is about to enter a new phase. New frequency spectrum ...

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  • Cloud, SDN & NFV Training

    Cloud, SDN & NFV Training

    Cloud technology, with virtualization and shared computing resources, has revolutionized the IT world, and is quickly taking over the Telecommunication world as well, often in the form ...

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  • IMS and VoLTE Training

    IMS and VoLTE Training

    IMS or IP Multimedia Subsystem was created by 3GPP for VoIP telephony over mobile networks. It was produced to be used in 3G, but has mostly been used in fixed networks until the advent ...

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  • EPS (LTE/EPC) Training

    EPS (LTE/EPC) Training

    Mobile network technology has evolved through several phases, or generations. From analogue 1G we can now use 4G. The 4G standard, created by 3GPP, describes a radio access network (RAN) and ...

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  • SIP Training

    SIP Training

    As the world becomes an All-IP world, the services we use such as telephony need to follow suit and become IP-based services. Telephony over IP is called Voice over IP, or VoIP, and the ...

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  • General Telecom (2G/3G/4G) Training

    General Telecom (2G/3G/4G) Training

    4G, or its constituent parts EPC and LTE, didn’t just spring out of a vacuum. It is the natural evolution of a long history of mobile telecommunications, all the way back to the analogue ...

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  • TCP/IP Training

    TCP/IP Training

    The protocol suite TCP/IP, and its function as abstraction layer between Internet applications and the routing/switching fabric, is arguably one of the major reasons for the ...

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  • DNS Training

    DNS Training

    Everything is evolving towards IP. Telephony, TV, gaming, and of course introduction of billions of small data communications devices, constituting what is sometimes referred to as the ...

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  • Radio Network Planning Training

    Radio Network Planning Training

    More and more data access, such as access to the Internet, is using wireless technologies instead of fixed, wired connections. In the mobile generations, the first (1G) could hardly ...

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  • Routing and Switching Training

    Routing and Switching Training

    We say the world is becoming an All-IP world, which is true, and it means we need to understand IP routing very well. But it is also increasingly becoming an All-Ethernet world, so ...

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