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Are you interested in a particular competence area? Gain access to a series of courses covering an area of your choice – without having to buy a whole catalogue subscription!

Apis Training’s course catalogue includes over 100 courses touching upon several advanced topics. If you don’t know where to start, a Learning Paths is a great way to begin your upskilling process. With our carefully bundled Learning Paths, you can navigate your learning journey both quickly and cost-efficiently.

View the most important topics to master in today’s telecom industry:

Mobile Telecom for Management

Most popular! 

If you are a tech or IT manager who needs to quickly grasp the fundamentals of 5G, this learning path is tailored for you.

Understanding Mobile Telecom

If you’re new to the field of telecoms and seeking a strong foundation to build upon, this learning path is designed for you.


If you’re looking to further enhance your skills in the realm of 5G, then this is the perfect learning path for you.

5G Core

If you’re interested in optimizing your 5G core deployment and architecture, then this learning path is tailored for you.

Voice / Telephony in 5G

If you’re interested in making voice calls in the 5G domain, then this learning path is for you.


Still have not deployed and moved you traffic to 5G and need to strengthen your knowledge in 4G?

4G Core​

If you haven’t yet deployed and migrated your traffic to 5G and need to reinforce your knowledge in 4G, then this learning path is the perfect fit for you.

Voice / Telephony in 4G

Are you considering sunsetting your 2G and 3G networks and transitioning to Voice over LTE/4G? Sign up for this learning path.

Private Networks​

Private networks are rapidly gaining popularity and are likely to become a permanent fixture in the telecommunications landscape, so it’s essential to understand their key features and benefits.

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