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We help businesses thrive by learning

For over 30 years and through five generations of wireless telecommunications standards, our expert-led courses have given telecom professionals and companies the knowledge and skills required to navigate the dynamic telecom industry.


A global and modern education company focused on reskilling, upskilling and knowledge sharing within telecommunications and adjacent connected industries.

Recognized by a 30 year long history of leading within vendor neutral telecoms training courses Apis Training now has a wide portfolio of courses ranging from 3G courses to 5G, AI and beyond.

With Apis+ and Learning Paths as our main online products and delivering blended learning we strive to be the given one-stop-shop for our customers.


In todays society all companies rely on staying connected in one way or the other.

Apis Training serves as the vendor neutral knowledge partner used for reskilling, upskilling and educational matters for your organization to stay ahead. This we do by empowering the connected world with innovative technology training.

Meet our  account team

Niklas Thorin

Director Strategic Partnerships and Customer Solutions

Niklas has more than 20 years of experience in telecommunications. By listening to the market, Niklas always finds the right training solutions that fit the clients’ needs and helps them achieve their goals. 

Gabriel Cosma

Senior Sales Director Global accounts

Gabriel has over 15 years of experience in B2B account management with key stakeholders and oversees business and partner relationships with the uttmost attention to detail and quality.

Nicolás Zdravko Reyes

Telecom, Enterprise and Government

Nicolas has extensive experience from the Higher Education Institution side of things and has personally guided thousands of eager students from all parts of the globe, young and old, to choose the right education. 

Erik Modig

Key Account Manager Nordics

Erik has vast experience from telecoms and is known for his interpersonal skills, knowledge and problem solving abilities. 

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