6G Webinar for Apis+

6G Update – Where Are We Now? Discover the next revolution in wireless technology with our exclusive webinar on 6G! As we step beyond the current capabilities of 5G, this session will unveil the potential enhancements, groundbreaking speeds, and innovative applications that 6G promises to bring.  Apis Training’s senior instructor Martin Franzén will guide you […]

New course – 5G for Everyone

Due to increased demand, we have now recorded a simple course about 5G! For everyone!  We will explain the road to 5G and what 5G is in the most easy and understandable way possible. Perfect for you who work within non technical areas but still want to understand what 5G is all about and what […]

Some Takeaways from Network X

Apis Training was at the Network X conference in Amsterdam in October, meeting old and new customers. Being the technical sales support guy in our team, I took the opportunity to listen to some of the presentations and panel discussions. Here are a few facts, impressions, and personal thoughts that I think are worth sharing.  […]

Five Thoughts from the Big 5G Event

The first post-pandemic Big 5G Event was held in Austin, Texas in late May 2022. Apis Training was there, talking to customers and listening to speakers from the industry. With up to five parallel tracks, it was impossible to cover more than a fraction of the interesting sessions. Still – these are some of our […]

About 4G and 5G Interworking

As the evolution of 3GPP system continues, there are more and more 5G network deployments all over the world. The latest generation of the mobile system offers technological possibilities for a range of new services and applications: higher connection speeds, more Internet of Things devices and applications, Augmented/Virtual Reality, smart factories, vehicle communication with other […]

Why and how AI is changing organizations

Are you ready to discover how? It is now well established that AI not only complements human efforts enhancing efficacy, efficiency, precision, and speed, but it also has the potential to transform your business and create a competitive advantage for your organisation. How? Join the Apis Training webinar, “Why and how AI is changing organisations” […]

AI and Ethics

Following on from our first webinar, Dr. Manoj Chiba will continue to share his knowledge and insights into AI and how it will affect our future. This time, he will delve deeper into the ethics of Artificial Intelligence. Ethical AI has become a core debate the globe over, and specifically on how to effectively deal […]

Multi-access Edge Computing (MEC) and 5G

Edge computing is a concept that: European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) is leading standardization activities around Multi-access Edge Computing (MEC). MEC provides compute and storage resources for applications geographically close to the end users. This enables high-bandwidth, low-latency access to services. Real-time radio network information can be used to optimize and adapt the services to […]

The native 5G network monitoring: NWDAF

Among the numerous Network Functions defined by 3GPP for the 5G System there is a very interesting one – the Network Data Analytics Function (NWDAF). With it the network and user monitoring, traditionally handled by proprietary monitoring tools, becomes native to the 5G.