Recorded Training

A recorded training is pre-recorded in our studio and streamed over the Internet, allowing a student to take the course anywhere and anytime and at the student’s own schedule and convenience.

Traditional classroom training is great for a group of students in one classroom. But what if there are only one or two students? Or hundreds of students – but on different locations? Or if time or travel budgets simply do not allow students to be away from work for a classroom course? This is why Apis offers recorded training as an alternative, or complement, to classroom courses.

Recorded training is simply our standard courses that have been recorded in our custom built studio. The videos are streamed to the student over the Internet, meaning that they are available 24 hours per day every day of the year all over the world! Course content and training methods are identical to what we do in classroom training. The trainer in the recorded course is the very same trainer that delivers classroom courses.

After signing up for a recorded course, you receive a user id and password and log in to our learning portal, where you have access to the course videos and documentation. You can at any time pause/play or rewind/fast forward. You can also exit the video and restart it later. This allows you to take the course when and where it fits you the best. In case the course is using the Foldout method, the set of course documentation is sent to you before the course starts.

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