Virtual Classroom Training

Live – but without the hassle of travelling! Virtual classroom is the perfect solution for geographically dispersed groups who want live training sessions. However, standard solutions for e-learning tend to be uninspiring and hard to follow, which is why we decided to raise the bar and develop a much more comprehensive solution that enables us to deliver engaging trainer-led, real-time training streamed to a student’s computer anywhere on the planet!

Our virtual classroom training solution is well proven and has been used to deliver training to our customers on a global basis.

We always strive to incorporate new technology in our teaching methods, to create maximum engagement. For our virtual classroom service, we built a professional green screen studio with multiple HD cameras to produce an experience for you that is as close as possible to that of being in the classroom.

We mix full-body shots of the trainer with images of the training materials; you can therefore see and hear the trainer, read his body language whilst observing the presentation. We use high-quality wireless microphones to give you the best possible audio quality.

We have interaction with you via either audio, text chat or a unique polling software – built into our presentations – that lets us ask you questions and lets you answer them at the press of a button on your phone or in a web browser. Of course the studio includes a whiteboard to let the teacher answer your questions with improvised drawings – just like in a classroom.

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