Virtual Classroom Training

Live – but without the hassle of travelling!


What is

Virtual Classroom Training?

Our virtual classroom training is a comprehensive solution that enables us to deliver engaging trainer-led, real-time training streamed to a student’s computer anywhere on the planet!

Is Virtual Classroom Training for you?

Do you want the benefits of classroom training without the travel expenses?

Do you want a high-tech experience for your high-tech workforce?

Do you need the course content or teaching style to be modified according to your specific needs?

If you have answered yes to one or more of these questions Virtual Classroom Training is the best training solution for you!

If you have answered no to all of these questions, click here for another training solution.

Benefits of Virtual Classroom Training

Incorporating new technology in our teaching methods creates maximum engagement.

High-quality wireless microphones gives you the best possible audio quality.

Broadcasting live from a professional green screen studio with multiple HD cameras produces an experience as close as possible to that of being in the classroom

Interacting with you via audio, text chat or a unique polling software allows us to ask you questions and lets you answer them at the press of a button on your phone or in a web browser.

Mixing full-body shots of the trainer with images of the training materials; allows you to see and hear the trainer and read their body language whilst observing the presentation.

The studio includes a whiteboard to let the teacher answer your questions with improvised drawings – just like in a classroom.


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