Distributed Unit (DU) and Centralized Unit (CU) analysis

This Learning Program provides a detailed vision of the architecture and functionalities of the DU and CU as well as the HW that supports it and the implementation and integration scenarios.


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Upon completion of this learning program, you will be able to:

– Characterize at a low level the HW that supports DU and CU.
– Identify the different applicable scenarios and understand where to place each network function.

Course outline

Introduction - Distributed Unit (DU) and Centralized Unit (CU) Analysis
DU and CU split architecture
How to: run the bandwidth calculation for DU and CU
DU Architecture and Requirements
CU Architecture and Requirements
How to: Use of Information Models for CU & DU Parametrization
DU and CU Hardware Platform
How to: DU & CU HW Selection
HW Acceleration Technologies
Whitebox Programs
How to: Assessment of Open RAN Implementation Scenarios

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