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A Journey into a Virtualized and Software-Defined World

About this eBook+

Cloud technology is a very multi-faceted, and sometimes even mysterious, subject. To a user of cloud services, the cloud is endless, within infinite resources and always available. Magic, you could say. To a provider of cloud services, it is anything but, and comprises very real servers, hard drives, switches, routers and cables. All of which can fail.

This eBook+ gives you a hand to hold as you enter into a world of Virtualization, NFV, SDN and much more.


Our eBook Series

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Content of this eBook+

  • What is Cloud?

  • Cloud Deployment models

  • Intro to Virtualization

  • The Telco Cloud

  • What is SDN?

  • What Does OpenStack Do?

  • NFV in a Nutshell

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Download our Cloud Chronicles eBook+