Energy Efficiency in Open RAN

This learning program offers an overview of the importance of energy efficiency (EE) as an E2E requirement of the Open RAN system. It explains the technical requirements we must focus on to achieve energy efficiency in the Open RAN solutions.


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Upon completion of this learning program, you will be able to:

– Present the Open RAN Energy consumption current Outlook
– Point out the priority technical requirements on Energy Efficiency for Open RAN Networks
– Qualify the power efficient hardware based on technical and service constrains impact.
– Outline the measurement and reporting of Energy consumption. List the main KPIs.
– Describe the radio features and power management to improve EE
– Explain how to control each feature at SMO level by applying intelligence and automation.

Course outline

Introduction - Energy Efficiency in Open RAN
Overall Energy Efficiency Landscape in Open RAN
Selection of Power Efficient Hardware in Open RAN
Open RAN KPIs and Features to Improve Energy Efficiency
Intelligence and Orchestration to optimize and automate EE

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