Open RAN System Integration (II) - Integration and Testing

This learning program will train students to identify the steps and tasks required to achieve a successful integration of the Open RAN system, while providing them with the knowledge necessary to recognize and minimize potential risks that may arise during this process.


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Upon completion of this learning program, you will be able to:

– Recognize the importance of choosing the right integration strategy and a good testing methodology
– Identify the and HW and SW tools to configure a generic Open RAN laboratory
– Recognize the concepts of blueprints and their importance within the Open RAN integration and deployment process
– Describe the steps necessary to achieve a successful system integration with the SMO
– Ensure that the solution achieves the expected functionality, performance and other characteristics
– Explain the methods and results for testing the Open RAN solution in the lab
– Explain the field test process to evaluate the performance and functionalities of the new Open RAN network deployment

Course outline

Introduction - Open RAN System Integration (II) - Integration and Testing
System Integration Overview
Testing Environment
Vertical Integration
SMO Integration
Open RAN E2E Testing Methodology and Configuration
Open RAN E2E System Tests in a Controlled Environment
Open RAN Field Testing

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