Understanding the signaling procedures is one of the basic tools to correctly deploy, monitor and optimize mobile networks. We in Apis believe a course that addresses this knowledge need – one dedicated to the protocols and procedures in the emerging 5G System environment – would be beneficial for the technical personnel responsible for network deployments and monitoring.

In the 5G Core Network Signaling course we will focus on the various signaling procedures, with message flows and parameters exchanged between the entities of the 5G Core. We will cover communication between the 5G Network Functions over the Service Based Interfaces, as well as NAS communication towards the UE, NGAP procedures between the 5G Core and the NG-RAN, PFCP communication between the SMF and the UPF, and the 5G GTP-U extensions.

A quick background of the specific 5G features (Network Slicing, MEC, etc.) will be added where necessary for the overall understanding, but the course participants will need to already have a general knowledge of the 5G Core Network Architecture and its features, and be previously acquainted with signaling monitoring.

The course will be based on the R16 3GPP standards. Selected traffic cases will be illustrated using Wireshark .pcap files.

The course will cover the following topics:

A quick run through the basic 5GC features

  • Service Based Architecture, Network Slicing, MEC, Traffic Steering, PDU Session with Multiple PDU Session Anchors

5G Protocols

  • http/2 (+JSON), NAS, PFCP, 5G GTP-U, NGAP

5G Signaling Procedures

  • Network Administration procedures: NF Registration, NF Discovery, NF Selection, …
  • UE-related procedures: 5G Registration, PDU Session Establishment, Policy Handling, …
  • Mobility-related procedures: Relocations, Handovers, User Plane modifications, …
  • And other.

We offer substantial discounts for group bookings, and we have corporate rates with most of the operators and equipment suppliers in the world.

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