Network Slicing in an Hour

1 Hour

Network Slicing: Overall Perspective


Technological Aspects of the Network Slicing Feature


Business Aspects of Network Slicing

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This course provides a condensed overview of the 5G Network Slicing feature as defined in the current R17 3GPP standards.

“Network Slicing in an Hour” provides a birds-eye view of the topic. It presents the benefits the feature brings into the operational and business side of the NOP (Network Operators). The course presents the technological aspects of the 5G System (mainly the core network) that enable Network Slicing.

This course also has as a one-day variant.

NOTE: This course is not delivered with the FoldOut methodology.


Technical knowledge of the mobile telecom, especially the 5G, is strongly recommended.

Course Outline

Network Slicing: Overall Perspective
  • Modern day application/service requirements
    • Standardized Slice Service Types
    • Enterprises (“verticals”) as communication service users
  • Mobile Network Operator’s benefits of deploying Network Slices
Technological Aspects of the Network Slicing Feature
  • Virtualization as an enabler for Network Slicing
  • The roles of 5G Core network elements defined for slice support:
    • Network Slice Selection Function, NSSF
    • Network Slice Specific Authentication and Authorization Function, NSSAAF
    • Network Slice Access Control Function, NSACF
    • Network Slice Management Function, NSMF
  • Security:
    • Network Slice Specific Authentication and Authorization
    • Isolation
  • Operation and Management
Business Aspects of Network Slicing
  • Network Slice as a logical network with capabilities that address the service/end users’ communication requirements
  • Product offer based on network slices:
    • NSaaS
    • Non-Public Networks

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