RAN Intelligent Controller (RIC)

This Learning Program provides a complete vision of the RAN Intelligent Controller through the study of its architecture, functionalities, and evolution of SON to AI.


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Upon completion of this learning program, you will be able to:

– Explain the architecture, functions and requirements of the non-real time RIC and near-real time RIC, including xApps and rApps.
– Describe the functionality, procedures and integration challenges of the A1 and E2 interfaces.
– Provide examples of data sources, formats, and processes required for RIC use cases.
– Outline the requirements and process to select and implement RIC solutions in their own environment.

Course outline

Introduction - RAN Intelligent Controller (RIC)
The RIC as a Critical Component for Open RAN Success
A1 Interface
A1 Interface Validation
E2 Interface
E2 Interface Validation
RIC Deployment Considerations

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