Why Open RAN?

This Learning Program will help you to gain awareness of the motivation and imperative of Open RAN and its potential to transform the industry.


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Upon completion of this learning program, you will be able to:

– Define what Open Ran is and explain the drivers, benefits and challenges of Open RAN.
– Outline the process towards the O-RAN Alliance creation and the major agreements which propelled Open RAN adoption.
– Explain the Definition and Certification phases of TIP System Certification Open RAN Procurement Engine (SCOPE).
– Gain insight into the main ways Open RAN solutions architectures will impact the Business Case.
– Identify key Open RAN initiatives and standardization bodies and discover some Open RAN projects around the world.

Course outline

Introduction - Why Open RAN?
Why Open Ran?
The Open RAN Journey
TIP's Role and Importance
OpenRAN Standardization Bodies and Initiatives
Open RAN Business Case and Deployments

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