About 4G and 5G Interworking

As the evolution of 3GPP system continues, there are more and more 5G network deployments all over the world. The latest generation of the mobile system offers technological possibilities for a range of new services and applications: higher connection speeds, more Internet of Things devices and applications, Augmented/Virtual Reality, smart factories, vehicle communication with other vehicles and infrastructure elements, and so on. And, well, good old voice and SMS.

The 5G system may be deployed in a number of ways, providing various network evolution paths, usually starting with a Non-Standalone option (with a 4G core network still handling the connections) and then moving towards the Standalone solution with the 5G core network separated, interconnected or combined with an existing 4G network. Phones and devices of various kinds also support and require different features. This creates a large number of scenarios, connectivity options, mobility procedures, connection transfer and so on. The possible Wi-Fi and wireline access to 5G core increases the number of potential scenarios.

The 4G and 5G interworking course by Apis addresses most of the issues and possible scenarios within one day and is based on the latest R16 standards from 3GPP. The course presents 4G and 5G network architecture for different interoperability scenarios, UE aspects and capabilities on radio and core network levels, idle and connected mode mobility procedures, connection transfer options for data and voice connections, radio network dual connectivity options and possible traffic splitting in the mixed 4G/5G environment. Some time is also spent on interworking with earlier 2G/3G networks, as well as some procedures for non-3GPP access (Wi-Fi or wireline).

Please note that this course focuses on system-level interworking procedures. For those additionally interested in IMS-based multimedia handling in mixed 4G/5G networks, we recommend our 2-day Voice in 5G course instead.

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