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Welcome to this episode of Apis TechTips, a series of short explainer excerpts from real Apis training courses.

This episode explains the three main use cases that 5G was originally written for, and it comes from the course “5G Core Network in an Hour”.

If you enjoyed this Apis Tech Tip, check out the full Apis course ” 5G Core Network in an Hour” where this video came from. The course offers a condensed view of the 5G Core Network as specified by 3GPP, while also summarizing important improvements and new concepts when comparing with 4G.

Here are some of the topics that are covered in “5G Core Network in an Hour”:

  • Rationale behind defining a new system: why not LTE?
  • 5G Deployment Options
  • Service Based Architecture, SBA
  • 5G Core Network Features
  • Resource Definitions for 5G
  • Service Influencing

To learn more about this course, go to https://apistraining.com/portfolio/5g-core-network-in-an-hour/

This TechTip is also part of a whole eBook of tips, all focusing on 5G technology. We call it an eBook+ since all chapters are both text and video. If you want to read the text, you can do that, and if you want to watch a teacher tell the story, you can choose that.

All the video chapters are excerpts taken directly from our recorded lessons, so if one of them piques your interest, you can easily go to the course and dive deeper into that particular subject.

This particular eBook+ is called “5G Demystified: Use Cases, Architecture, and More”, and you only need to CLICK HERE to request it for immediate download.

Below you can find the transcribed text for this particular TechTip.

The 5G Use Cases

If you look at the image, these are the original 5G use cases that I would like to start with.

It’s a well-known picture with a triangle where we say that the telecom system that we are designing will have to be able to handle applications that have certain characteristics. Originally, we found three groups of applications that need to be addressed. The top group of applications are the ones that require high throughput. This is their focus. They are going to need enhanced mobile broadband, eMBB.

You can see some examples: 3D video, ultra-high definition screens, augmented reality, and the voice service, the normal telephony service used by people, also falls into this group.

Then, another set of needs over on the left. Smart home. Smart building. Smart city. This is what we could refer to as Internet of Things, or machine-type communication. The main challenge here is that there are so many of these things, so massive machine-type communication (mMTC) is a bunch of applications that we will want to handle within the 5G system.

This large triangle portrays the original 5G use cases. And as time proceeded, we managed actually to figure out that there is a group that needs to be kind of taken out of there, that has special needs that make it slightly different to cater for: The so-called ”High-performance Machine-Type Communication” (HMTC). This means that some of the applications in this group will actually need high throughput, and therefore they should be treated differently than the original IoT devices that we were analyzing when the original triangle was built.

And then the third part of the triangle over on the right, URLLC, or ultra-reliable and low-latency communication. These are applications that require either very high reliability or low latencies, or in the worst case both, when it comes to quality of service. Industry, automation, and mission-critical applications are here, and self-driving cars, which again, over time, got taken out of their original category and got their own category defined.

The V2X is now one of the five 5G use cases as opposed to the original when we had only three of them. The idea is going to be that when we are designing the 5G system, we will keep in mind that we would like to be able to carry a variety of applications with their different requirements from one another on physical networks, and they are no longer following the rule of one size fits all.

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