New course – Linux Container Essentials

Linux Container Essentials

Over the past 15 years cloud computing and running virtual services have become the standard in enterprise computing. While those services serve a purpose, there are scenarios where virtualization can bring an unnecessary overhead to running some types of services, especially micro-services and stateless workers.

While virtualization was being adopted another logical segmentation technology was quietly evolving and has recently sprung up fully functional into the enterprise – Linux containers. An open-source way of running isolated services akin to virtual machines on top of the Linux kernel (and since 2016 Windows). There are several technologies that have been defined as trend setters in the Linux container development ecosystems: LXC – the first Linux container project that has been in the works since the early 2000s, Docker – previously based on LXC but now uses its own engine to power containers, and Kubernetes – an orchestration system based on the Docker container engine that provides a full ecosystem for running containers in the enterprise and cloud.

Apis IP-Solutions’ new Linux Container Essentials three-day course provides a broad overview of the way Linux containers operate and also focuses on the three trend-setting technologies: LXC, Docker and Kubernetes. The course provides engineers, administrators, architects and DevOps teams with a good overview of each technology with a strong emphasis on hands-on experience as they get to install, configure and use all three environments in the hands-on labs portion to which 50{ab0bbb36d35f56bd2c9e68629e6e8f1a44a0c9776dc977281f4aeafa2fb487ad} of each day is dedicated.

Scheduled public event: 9-11 April in Stockholm

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