New course | NFV course

We have a new NFV Course at Apis IP-Solutions. Read here what’s new!

New course | NFV course

Mobile Cloud and Network Function Virtualization is one of the clearest trends in today’s telecom. Companies in the telecom sector expect to benefit a great deal in terms of profitability, increased revenues, and reduced costs by moving to a virtual platform.

We are pleased to announce this latest addition to our course portfolio:

Network Function Virtualization – Architecture and Principles – 3 days
This brand new course covers the Network Function Virtualization (NFV) architecture and its use in telecom networks. The course describes the NFV Architecture, as specified by ETSI. It accounts for the Management and Network Orchestration (MANO), the Network Function Virtualization Infrastructure (NFVI) and the Virtualized Network Functions (VNFs) functions and procedures. It also describes the principles for Cloud Technology and Software Defined Networking (SDN) and its role in the NFV Architecture.

The course includes examples from the 3GPP world such as virtual IMS and virtual EPC as well as NFV Eco system.

The first public session is scheduled for June 7-9 2016 in Stockholm.


If you’re interested to follow this training with us, check out our Public Schedule to see when and where in the world we are having this course for you. You can also send us an e-mail to and we will provide you with more information about the NFV Course.

We hope to see you soon in the classroom!

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