5G for Everyone

5G for Everyone 1 hour This course is designed to give a functional understanding of 5G for non-technical people. eLearning € 95* Buy now or talk to us about our volume discounts and corporate rates. Buy now *Prices exclude VAT Contact us 5G constitutes a genuine paradigm shift in the global telecommunications infrastructure. This course […]

5G Dangers: Myth or Science?

Why is “5G Dangers” a trending search term? Is 5G dangerous or is it just a myth? We dive into this topic and tell you our conclusions. Keep reading…


Release 16 of the 3GPP system, to be ready next year, extends the interoperability possibilities for the new 5G System. Apart from already specified interworking with 4G, for IMS Vo5G calls it will be possible to execute the SRVCC service and move the call to CS domain and 3G radio network directly from a 5G NR cell

The Honest Truth about Online Training

I’m sure you’d agree that there are a lot of things that are easier to do online than physically going to a place and doing them. You’re not stupid. And still – Online Training often makes people react with a slightly grumpy things-were-better-when-I-was-a-kid kind of attitude. Even young people! Why is that? Here’s the thing: […]

How Do You Slice a Network?

In the world of telecommunications today, and particularly in the somewhat chaotic domain of 5G, the term “Network slicing” is thrown around a lot. It seems important. It’s mentioned by all the big standardizing bodies, and often named as a cornerstone of future telecoms. It’s also mentioned around a lot of offices and water coolers […]

5G Course | Sneak Preview

Do You Really Think Everyone Around You Knows What 5G Is? Do you know exactly what 5G is? I mean, what it really is? Most sane persons should answer “probably not” to this question. But there is help to be found, here at Apis IP-Solutions. Because a while ago, we didn’t know either! Is it […]