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Here in Sweden we are not as legally locked down as in a lot of the rest of the world, but we are expected to practice physical distancing out of self-interest and social responsibility. This means a lot of us are working from home just like you quite likely are.

It’s a good thing then that it doesn’t require big meetings in a crowded office to create cutting-edge technical training! It turns out we can read 3GPP specifications and turn them into colorful pictures from our homes. (Here’s a secret: some of us did that even before the pandemic!)

We have two new courses for you this month, both on different aspects of 5G, Security and Policy Control, and they will both be available in all our delivery formats, including online training, both live and recorded.

Stay safe and wash your hands!

5G Security

The new 5G system is designed in a very different way compared to earlier generations of mobile networks. It is expected to have devices from a broad range of IoT applications as a majority of ‘users’. It may be deployed as a small, private network serving, e.g. an automated factory. Other 5G connected devices may control many aspects of human life: houses, city automation, electricity grids, etc. This makes ensuring the security of the new system a high priority – for operators, for device manufacturers, and for system designers.

The ‘5G Security’ course presents old and new threats, security aspects, requirements, recommendations from various organizations and the new, improved functions and procedures designed to improve the security of the future 5G networks.

5G Policy Control Architecture

The 3GPP standards for the 5G System have (in comparison with 4G) noticeably expanded the Policy Control functionality. The 5G Policy Control Function (PCF), acting on information from various sources – both internal and external – can provide rules for network/service access and for mobility of the UEs, as well as rules for QoS, routing and charging for a 5G PDU Session.

The ’5G Policy Control Architecture‘ course explores these new possibilities, presenting the relevant parameters and procedures for service influencing and monitoring in the 5G ecosystem.

Public Training Schedule

We at Apis Training regularly organize public training in classrooms all over the world as well as online through our virtual classroom platform. In these pandemic times, with a lot of people quarantined to some degree, everyone’s safety comes first and we presently deliver only online public training. This is not a new method to us, but one of our normal formats of training delivery, so we like to think that we keep delivering high quality training online, just like we did before.

The public training schedule is driven by interest from you! If you would like specific training offered in a specific timeframe (our online virtual classroom is real-time, with live teachers), please contact us!

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