Webinar: Private 5G – The Next Level of Connectivity

Get ready to transform your business with the untapped potential of private 5G networks! This webinar delves into the game-changing benefits of private 5G, from lightning-fast connectivity to enhanced security and a significant competitive advantage. Join us for valuable insights, real-world success stories, and expert guidance – check out the webinar recording and stay ahead […]

Webinar: IoT in 4G and 5G

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Cyber Security Webinar

Protecting your company from hackers and cyber threats is easier said than done. Improving your security measures just means hackers have to get a little bit smarter. The only way to beat them is to get to know your enemy and learn how a hacker thinks.

Webinar – Private 5G: The Next Level of Connectivity

We are excited to inform you about our next Webinar. This time the webinar is about Private 5G: The Next Level of Connectivity! Will you be there on the 20th of September? Daniel Person is our guest speaker, more about him and the topics of the webinar, are below. You’ll also receive access to the […]

Network Slicing Webinar

We at Apis Training are preparing for our next webinar on the 8th of June 2022. This webinar is about Network slicing. Our guest speaker is Iwona Maksymowicz. Sign up right away or keep reading for more information! Network Slicing Webinar in short This one-hour webinar presents Network Slicing – one of the cornerstones of […]

Private 4G/5G Networks: Webinar

We at Apis Training are preparing for our next webinar on the 10th of May 2022. This webinar is about Private 4G/5G Networks. Our guest speaker is Oscar Bexell. Sign up right away or keep reading for more information! Introducing Private 4G/5G Networks Private cellular networks are one of the hottest topics in the wireless […]

Ready for our new 5G Webinar?

Join our 5G Webinar in October! This time we discuss the dangers of 5G. Martin Franzen takes you on the journey to find out if 5G dangers are a myth or science?